Concrete mixers

Selection of compaction plates

Brick splitter

Concrete/cut off saw

 Power float(concrete)

Trowels with quick pitch adjustment. Upgraded specifications for top performance levels. These trowels give the operator faster control to increase productivity and improve slab quality

Bull float (c/w brush)

Lightweight Bull Float, available in Magnesium or Steel, with long reach handles and brushes for brush finishing

Road saw

Electric concrete poker

Hilti Gun

selection of angle grinder (4.5"- 9")

Electric angle grinders are suitable for many cutting and grinding purposes and are available in various sizes. Grinder can be used with metal or stone cutting or grinding discs, which are available to purchase as a consumable item

Cobra Reel

This cobra rod system provides a compact and labour saving solution whether tracing drains with detection sondes, installing cables in ducts or threading draw ropes through pipes.

Service locator (cable detector)